HI there

Big Welcome to the Goddess on a Coffee Break!

I’m so excited you are here.

We are chilling on the verge of a paradigm shift, on a silver lining of a golden age, learning to create reality and find our way in the cosmos. “That’s cute”, you say, “but I’m fretting, stressing out, struggling, drinking too much coffee, snacking on chocolate, and the thing I’m sweating to manifest ain’t here for sure. So where’s this golden age you’re speaking of?”. Let me tell you what’s going on.

We are living on a planet where things often suck, and you’re stuck in the suck, my friend, perhaps due to the gravity of things, or some other annoying forces of nature. You can’t experience the 5th dimension without mastering 3D reality. As a matter of fact, the two are inseparable and build on each other creating a physical experience where magic just happens, and manifesting heart desires is easy. It’s not a place but a perception of being in a flow, where instead of trying, you are doing – making Yoda proud!

Perhaps sometimes in the future, we will transcend our bodies and fly into the stars in living spaceships that will be controlled with our intention and propelled with the sun’s plasma, where your life purpose will no longer be a question to pose because your objective will be intergalactic conquest, instead what’s for diner. We will have a jolly good time and lots of cool stories to tell.

Until then, we’re still here.

Mastering our current lives is the next best thing to cosmic adventures. And you still can eat all the chocolate cake you want. Take that, futuristic space-age selves!

So, on our path of self-discovery and self-mastery, there are a few things worth remembering:

  1. All life choices are just choices, there are no good or bad ones. We might be faced with a huge challenge, an ominous knock on our door that unexpectedly changes the predictable routine of our lives. We have to choose how to react to this invitation from fate. A sickness, loss, depression, or a lack of life direction are such invitations, as well as your deep nagging desires – to write that romance, become the CEO of the coolest business on Earth, meet your personal heroes, and become a hero to someone else. Don’t live in the past fearing that the future won’t bring any change because of the choices you’ve made. It’s because of those choices that you are here reading these liberating words: YOU ARE ALREADY IN A SPACE SUITE, KIDDO, SO YOU CAN JUST AS WELL JUMP INTO YOUR ADVENTURE. Here I said it – you have permission to change the way you experience your choices. Whether it’s a need for radical healing, finding Love, Prosperity, or Happiness, you are predisposed to achieve all those things by making a decision NOW to be OK with what is.
  2. When Gandalf knocks on your door, gives you that conspicuous look, and says: Are you ready, buddy? Let’s go blow some S**T up and dye for a cause that will make us famous – Feel free to say F**K off. We are not here to save the world, but to enjoy it. Let go of the need to save everything and everyone, instead make your personal world a better, more organized, and happier place. That will change your world and it will mean a world to the rest of us.
  3. In case you decided to leave your comfort zone and accept the impossible invitation (I knew you would say YES, you little spiritual rascal), here are some more pointers:
    • Drink extra water
    • Ask for help, direction, healing, and guidance
    • Don’t take shortcuts (unless you honed the power of wormholes, then, by all means, be my guest)
    • Accept the gits – there will be so many!
    • And look in the mirror – you are the hero you’ve been waiting for
  4. Find the tools that serve you. Maybe it’s a Tarot practice, journaling, yogic breathing, healing mantras, or listening to the birds. Use these tools passionately.
  5. All changes take time and are attuned to your personal life cycles. Overnight success is a myth, it’s usually built on years of preparation, failure, and many tries. Building habits, building habits, and building habits is a tried and sure path to mastery. You will experience slow days, boring months, and even decades of ‘sameness’, and then you will pick up a speed, find momentum, get shit done, and the world will be amazed. We all have our own paths to walk, so don’t compare your progress with anybody else. Our growth cycles, processes, and progress are so personal, that it’s better to trust in it and enjoy it, rather than grow impatient and restless, missing the opportunity to chill. Seek your cycles – moon cycles, astrological cycles, create mandalas, use praying beads, find out what makes you go and when you need to go slow. Trust your rhythm, and follow only inspired action.

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I offer intuitive guidance with Tarot, Oracle, and Runes. Ask questions about past life, life purpose, solutions to problems, and reasons behind repetitive patterns and stubborn obstacles.


Become your own Oracle, and learn to be in touch with your intuition, spiritual guides, and masters. Create from your heart and become the creative and authentic superstar that you are.


Energy work is all-encompassing spiritual maintenance; it can help restore energetic pathways, and re-balance your mind and body. Shamanic healing & Reiki applied gently for your wellbeing.