A few words about me.

I love running workshops, organize creative get-togethers, and design fancy retreats. I love being with people, guiding, and connecting.

If I’m not teaching Tarot, Doll Making, or Intuitive Painting, I’m probably chilling in my little corner of the woods where I study the benefits of utilizing harmonizing modalities that are catalyzing and transformative in nature. I am constantly immersed in research and learning the power of creativity through intention, shamanism, folk herbalism, as well as any form of  Earth-Based Wisdom.

Working within the intention of love and light, I am guided by my spirit guides to help people experience new freedom in life and resolve issues and blockages that prevent them from reaching their full potential.

I hold an extensive and rather paradoxical background in Journalism and Communications, Visual Advertising, Videography, Shamanism, and Intuitive Painting. However, I consider my most valuable certification my commitment to living from the heart, creating rituals, and offering a safe space for others where healing and transformation can take place. 

Goddess On A Coffee Break was born out of my passion for the sacred feminine, addiction to blogging, and love of coffee. I believe that spiritual practice can be fun a simple (on a coffee break) and we don’t need to travel to India to study under Guru to find our way, anymore. To be in touch with our divine self and live more consciously, joyfully, and intentionally, all we need to do is show up and be present.

I was born in Poland and moved to the United States when I was 19 years old.

I live on a farm in Apple Country in Western North Carolina, with my hubby, two sons, dogs, cats, goats, and chickens.

At Historical Archery Contest, Grodziec Castle. EU.