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Chew on This! Gurus, nuts & your guts.

I’m a reluctant follower of Gurus and Mystics. They often turn out to be totally nuts! That’s why I eat bananas and carrots like my goats do – veraciously! Actually, the goats are more into the banana peals, I’m more into experimental salads. Anyhow, a healthy gut – your second brain – can help discern between a good guru and a cranky, misleading, self-absorbed guru. Discriminating between good teachers and bad ones in the age of information has to be an insider job.

Poor food habits can attract parasitic “nonsentient ” beings as well, they might literally plug into your energy system and pump in and out all sorts of things. I have experienced that several times, and needed a shamanic intervention to remove the suckers! In short, sickness of the body has its counterpart in the spiritual existence. Candida, or parasites in your digestive system for example have a “spiritual counterpart”. Just as Candida feeds on your sugar, it feeds on your energy and is equally primitive in its “supernatural” functions. If we are losing energy, where does it go? It can’t just disappear? I don’t mean a need for restoring energy after a long day, I mean no matter what you do you just can’t gather any energy – it escapes you faster than you can produce it, that’s a sign you might have a passenger. Removing it has to happen in your inner and outer world. Stop giving it bacon-wrapped donuts deep-fried in butter no matter how organic, stop negative thinking about your body, consider what you feed your soul too – your baggage is often represented by your “extras” in your body – extra weight, bags under your eyes, elevated sugar, too many pimples, excessive mucus and so on. It also can be spotted in the lacks, lack of sleep, appetite, body weight, disinterest, apathy, lethargy, etc.

When my mind starts to feel foggy, my body aches randomly, my immune system feels weaker and my intuitive abilities don’t work as always, I know it’s time for a cleanse and a reset of my diet.

I noticed that I hardly ever experience synchronicities when my gut flora is off, and higher guidance is muffled and unclear. Can your gut be responsible for that? It sure can. Can healing your gut can unplug the entities who feed on your energy? Yes, and not only you feel better, but a world of possibilities opens up before you!

Meanwhile, the joyful and practical messages by Sadhguru caught my attention the other day on Impact Theory by Tom Bilyeu. What was my gut feeling about him?

A wise elder.

I found this interview thanks to a higher intervention – not from angels – from the algorithm! I was searching for a while for ayurvedic remedies and guidance on an appropriate diet which gave Youtube a chance to throw my way some related stuff. So when a Sadhguru interview showed up titled Embrace The Pain – I wanted to click it away as fast as possible. Yet, I played…

What you call as ‘my body’ is just an accumulation of the food you eat. So, what kind of food you eat should depend not on your values and ethics or on what you think about it, but on what the body wants. Food is about the body. If you are aware enough, if you just touch a piece of food, you will know how this food would behave in your system.


I’m not “diagnosed” as sick, but I do need healing. My belly is a dark cave of forgotten foods: English muffins, Georgia peach ice creams, German potato salad, coupled with a glass of wine (or two). No wonder my mind is clouded – definitely there’s a connection between my Covid19 bad diet choices and the sharpness (or lack of it) of my intellect. I have to let go of some bad food habits, but I also love to eat and I must believe in the commitment and that the sacrifice will pay off, otherwise, I’m just going to cheat myself. I want a simple, intuitive approach to food, cleansing, dieting, supplementing, restarting my body so to speak.

The basic questions about the right food choices might be:

Meat. Yes or no?

Meat is a rich source of protein. So are sprouted grains, nuts, fruits, and dry fruits. How much protein do you need a day? That depends on your body type and the type of activities you perform. We should eat according to the nature of our activities. Are you a bodybuilder or florist? Also your metabolic body type plays a role. How you digest, process fat, and react to sugar determines what will your body prefer for you to eat (providing it’s not cravings). Some people can eat a leg of a bison and have a steak sandwich for dessert, some prefer simple meals, a vegetarian diet, others don’t mind a little of both.

One key point is this: no matter what you eat, the source of your product has to be of the highest quality, otherwise you eat food that is poor in life force. Buy from a butcher, on local fresh markets, avoid big names in meat industries that provide us with meats infused with fear and toxins. Happy chickens give happy eggs, organically grown carrots are devoid of heavy metals. If all of that sounds great but you think – it is expansive too, I will have a few tricks for you provided later in this post.

Another important question about your dietary preferences has to do with your metabolic type.

Metabolic Types A craves salty and fatty foods. They burn the carbs super fast and might feel hungry all the time. Eating twice a day might be not enough, compensating with sweet snacks makes them feel sluggish and irritable. They might suffer from hypoglycemia, deficiency in magnesium and calcium. The alcohol is the enemy for these guys – the simple sugars speed up already fast metabolic process weakening the body and storing even more fat. These folks can eat several times a day, no bread, no alcohol, but fat is not their enemy here for sure. They do well eating dark meats, fat fish and cheeses, nuts and beans, grains and bacon.

The Metabolic Type B loves sweets, has a slow peristaltic, full belly, is not very hungry – can eat twice a day, prefers vegetarian meals, might feel anemic, sluggish, antisocial, introverted, agitated, sleepy, distracted. Should eat meat to supplement the proteins, but feels heavy and sleepy after red meat. Sweets are the kryptonite for these folks. A vegan and vegetarian diet is not recommended. They can eat almost anything, as long as the gluten and sugar are avoided.

The Metabolic Type C is a mix of both A and B.

More about the metabolic types here.

How Much to Eat ?

The human brain works best when the stomach is empty. Researchers found that an empty stomach produces ghrelin, a hormone that carries the message to the brain that the stomach is hungry. The interesting thing is that this hormone performs other functions as well. Ghrelin stimulates and heightens the performance of the hippocampus, the region in the brain that handles learning, memory and spatial analysis, keeping us alert, active, and focused. This, of course, doesn’t imply that we should never eat, but rather points to the fact that we need to be conscious of how much we eat.

“Te true joy of eating is to be conscious that another life is willing to merge and mingle with your own life and become a part of you.”

– Sadhguru

Cooked or Raw Veggies?

Simply, the more cooked, the less life energy there is in food. Of course not every vegetable can be eaten raw – although my Raw Food friends will probably prove me wrong – many can be and should be eaten, and will be delicious in their natural state. 50% natural (raw) and 50% cooked is a balanced way to eat, although at the begging you might just start with 25% raw to 75% cooked, just to get you started. According to Sadhguru eating 100% raw for a few days is very beneficial.

When eating raw food, be sure to soak them in a little bit of salt water and rinse in cold water, or use a natural fruit and vegetable cleanser or make your own. That way you will remove pesticides, waxes, and harmful organisms.

Eating joyously is more important than eating properly. Food has influences on you but it is not the deciding factor. The true joy of eating is that you are conscious of some other life willing to become a part of you, to merge and mingle with your own life and become you. This is the greatest pleasure that a human being knows, that in some way, something that is not him has become willing to become a part of him.


4 golden rules:

Always eat fruit by itself. Eating fruit with ANYTHING else leads to indigestion and fermentation in the gut.  Therefore fruit should only be eaten on its own.  You can eat fruit either 30 minutes prior to a meal, or at least 2 hours after a meal.  That means the fruit is not a healthy dessert option, nor is it suggested to be eaten as a side dish.    

Only eat one protein per meal. Different proteins do not digest properly when eaten together so it is best not to mix them. This means eating cheese separate from meat, eggs without sausage, and definitely no bacon-cheeseburgers. 

Eat 3-4 hours before bed time.

Do not mix starches with proteins. No steak and potato, rice and chicken, burger and bun; you get the picture. I will tell you, for the weight loss this is the goldiest rule of them all.

Ayurvedic Remedies

Ghee. The consumption of a spoonful of ghee  (clarified butter) on a daily basis a few minutes before a meal does wonders for the digestive system. If you eat ghee with sugar, it is digested and turns into fat. But ghee without sugar can cleanse, heal and lubricate the alimentary canal. Additionally, the cleansing of the colon will manifest as a certain glow and aliveness in the skin.

Sesame seeds have the highest oil content of any oil seed crop and can be difficult to digest unless chewed well. They are good energy sources, sources of protein, dietary fiber, minerals and micronutrients. Sesame causes a lot of heat in the body, which is why it is part of the tradition in South India to eat sesame seeds in winter. The heat that it generates helps deal with the cold. Roasted coconut and roasted sesame together make a high-energy, high-protein package. Te oil in sesame seeds also provides the calories needed for people involved in strenuous physical activities like trekking. Sesame is a phenomenal medium and has an enormous sense of memory.

Tikta Ghrita or bitter ghee, is a traditional formula for Ayurvedic cleanses.  It contains herbs that will kill off the unwanted yeast, strengthen and cleanse the blood and liver, reduce inflammation and detoxify the system.  The unique and essential element that this medicated ghee possesses is in its ability to loosen toxins that are stored deep inside the tissues.  This comes from the lipid (fat) component, as it internally “oiliates” the body, releasing the deep-rooted toxins lodged in the body. Directions: Take 1 tsp each morning on an empty stomach.  Melt this in 1/2 cup of hot water.  For severe overgrowth, take this dosage again before bed.

You can easily find a recipe for Tikta Ghrita online. You can try this article for example.

Of course there’s more, but for now, that will do…

Seasonal Eating

“In India and especially in South India, during summer, the food is cooked in one way, during the rainy season in another way and in winter another way, according to the vegetables available at that time and what is suitable for the body. It is good to bring in that wisdom and eat as per the needs of the body and according to the weather or climate we live in. For example, in winter, the skin usually breaks because the climate becomes cold and people don’t traditionally use creams or lotions. There are certain foods like sesame and wheat which produce heat in the body. So when December comes, everyone eats sesame on a daily basis.It keeps the body warm and the skin clean. If there is lots of heat in the body your skin won’t break. In summer, the body gets hot so cooling foods were eaten. For example, in Tamil Nadu, they eat kambu (pearl millet). These things were fixed so that the body is able to adjust itself for that season.” – Sadhguru

Eating seasonally means eating naturally. I love sauerkraut, but it’s heavy and gut flora busting properties seem to work better in fall and winter when no fresh (form the garden) produce is available. Green tea cools you down, better for summer, sesame heats you up, better for winter. etc.

So, when it comes to making you body feel better it’s not a matter of finding the right book, guru, diet, doctor or teacher, but trusting that you are halfway there with what you have around. A wise guide is always welcome, but throwing yourself at the theory has to go with common sense and a deeper understanding of your teacher’s cultural background and upbringing. What works for Hindus who are largely blood type B might be not OK for a caveman blood type O. Exotic spices might be replaced by parsley, basil, or green onions from your garden.

Throwing away the common “bad guys” from your menu is your best bet.

Foods to Eliminate Completely:

  • Refined sugar and any food that contains refined sugar
  • Refined grains including basmati and other white rice
  • Wheat and gluten
  • Dairy – processed cow’s milk is not natural for a human to consume. But I will be honest, I love my cheese, so, there will be a compromise…
  • Foods with high mold potential especially peanuts, peanut butter etc.
  • Sugary drinks
  • Deli meat and highly processed meat
  • Inflammatory foods such as nightshades (tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, eggplant, etc), might be problems for some
  • processed foods, additives, artificial sweeteners, unhealthy fats and oils, fried food, etc

What to do when eating healthy becomes expansive?

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