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Clear and open communication for prosperous relationships.

TAROT READING 9/7/20 – 9/13/20

Featuring; Mary-El Tarot Deck

This week we are called to address the troubles around the ways we communicate with others, to build compassionate self-expression, and to bring an understanding between people. Progress and harmony are possible rewards if we are willing to reflect upon ways we talk to other people; our spouses, partners, friends, children, colleagues, business partners, and acquaintances. Careful listening can bring much-needed clarity and open doors to a higher level of communication. This is more about those we co-work and co-create with, less about bosses, fathers, higher-ranking men.

We are asked to let go of old wounds around painful communication. We might look at the things that have been said to us in regard to our identity, ways of self-expression, ideals around our life mission, and our relationships. This is something that could have happened in past 3 weeks, months, or when we were 3 years old. Perhaps there is a feeling of inadequacy and we refuse to acknowledge our own radiance and genius. In order to create more magic in our lives, we must let go of these obsolete ways of self-sabotage. A new start and enlightened partnership is awaiting.  

Is your inner critic, or victim mentality prevailing? Is self small talk preventing you from fully expressing yourself outwardly? Are you listening to others in a compassionate and open way?

Healing the old wound and transforming the pattern of secrecy and painful memories into an open channel of communication will bring healing and will open the way for new directions.

What can we receive this week?

  • Gifts.
  • End of external influences blocking our ability to move forward.
  • Energy and will power aligned with what we say and how we behave.
  • A beginning of something new: New Love story. Adventure. Healing. Start of a Project.
  • Change in Partnership.
  • Marriage, marriage proposal, working with a group for the benefit of all.
  • Retrospection and healing of old mental and emotional wounds around the way we express ourselves.
  • A search for freedom.
  • Success.


MONDAY – 3 of  SWORDS – This card reminds us that the deep emotional pain comes from the memories of how it was inflicted – it’s time to make peace with this memory. Time to let go of old wounds, sorrows and sadness that is hampering our natural curiosity, creativity, and ability to move forward.

TUESDAY – The FOOL – The Fool is here to invite you on a journey. Where have you not been in a long time? What adventure, small or big, is postponed? Can you afford not to answer its calling? Good day to go out with friends or catch up with old acquaintances.

WEDNESDAY – 6 CUPS – Enjoy giving and receiving. Today, the more you give the more will come back to you. Count your blessings, do something nice for another person.

THURSDAY – 10 WANDS – Not a good day for taking a big move, court cases, important phone calls, and going out. Good day to resolve old pressing issues, negative things can be easily turned into progress.

 FRIDAY The Magician – Apply time and flexibility in ways you are communicating today. Diplomacy and respect are needed. Asking people out for a date (or for marriage) can be very successful. Good day for trade and exchange.

SATURDAY – PRINCESS / PAGE OF CUPS – Clearing the muddy waters of miscommunication, receiving valuable information, bridging differences, writing, creating poems, being lyrical, mystical, and imaginative.

SUNDAY – SUN – celebration and happiness. Baskin in your own light, being in the center of attention. Union and understanding. The efforts to clear out the mental junk are paying off. Letting go of old wounds. Healing. Grounding. A beautiful day for connecting with loved ones, talking about opportunities with partners, finding new solutions, solidarity, and feeling fulfilled.

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