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Fehu, the rune of well lived life.

Strawberries in chocolate and champaign on Sundays.

The traditional meaning of Fehu is cattle, wealth, and cycles like seasons or death and rebirth. In modern days, we might add such concepts as abundance, time management, professionalism, work, trade, prosperity and general nurturance and well-being. On a higher octave, Fehu represents the wealth of a well lived life, filled with prosperity, family, good times, good health and plenty of dumb good luck and great stories to share. Things that can not be bought with money. Its incredible that he story of the Runic alphabet begins with Fehu a symbol of eternal  life force. Fehu being the universal principle of exchange, and the rune of all beginnings, and all fulfilments, promises that if we live honestly, honorably and meaningfully, in exchange we can expect a beautiful, fun and purposeful life, and we can have the strawberries in chocolate and champaign on Sunday mornings because life is precious and it’s the small sweet moments that count!


As a rune blessed by fertility gods Frey and Freya, it is primarily the rune of growth, expansion and earthly, sensual pleasures. The godly tweens stand for a whole plethora of meanings; they personify the life force and the creative energy that brings thought into matter. They represent new beginnings, sexuality, cycles, protection, and most definitely wealth. Their rejuvenating properties and the strong connection with nature make the Fehu rune a symbol of natural expansion, evolution and progression, growth and death, and wisdom.

Great emphasis is placed on the importance of exchange with this rune. A good deed, hospitality and gifts had to be reciprocated to the best ability. Those were the rules and etiquette. This is further emphasized by the Gebo rune whose meaning is gift and exchange. The exchange didn’t stop between the people though. The energy exchange between people and the Gods! That was a big deal! Hence cyclical ceremonies were observed in order to connect with the spirit and to receive boone and blessings. In exchange, cattle, boar or sheep would have been sacrificed, sometimes horses too. Mead was poured over altars, flowers,  food and wine were offered, grains were thrown into the sacrificial fire, and personal items were also gifted in the temples as a measure to keep good luck coming.  anytime you are making a transactions, purchase, sale, when there’s an exchange, call on wisdom of Fehu, so all sides are prosperous, happy and satisfied.


Those who work with Tarot cards might recognize the energy of Fehu in the Pentacles / Discs Cards, including the Court Cards. I would throw into the mix a Fool, since he initiates the journey, Lovers who represent a dual masculine / feminine force, and Sun with it’s powerful energy as Fehu is indeed a fiery and initiatory force.

Pentacles being the Earth element are strongly connected to our physicality, therefore they govern finances, money, possessions and wealth. But as we travel from the Ace of Pentacles, the Awakener of our Purpose on earth, through all the packet change, bags of coins, beggars and rich benefactors, by the time we reach the nine and ten of pentacles, we realize the journey was never about money, fame, or power. Ten of Pentacles is usually a glorious card, filled with an abundance of everything that truly matters in life. 


But. The warning of Fehu lies in its strength. The bling can blind the most noble of man and the physical wealth can crush to the ground, if we became unsatiated with what we have, or if we start taking on more and more responsibilities to overcompensate, refill emptying batteries. Instead we become empty, overwhelmed and oppressed. That’s where 10 of Wands steps in. This cards reminds us that as long as we carry the sticks on our shoulders, the burdens, outmoded beliefs, self-sabotaging patterns, and plethora of different fears and shames, we are bound to experience nothing but crushing weight of our existence. 

“Gold causes strife among kinsmen

the wolf grows up on the woods”

Old Norse Rune Rhyme

The Poems speak of wealth as a possible source of conflict between kinsmen. Hoarding and being dependent on money, possessions, and power have been the source of many conflicts and not much has changed across centuries. We’re warned against obsessive pursuit of wealth, power and control, such behaviors bring disaster and change a man into a hungry wolf. And when man is a wolf to another man,  predatory, cruel, and generally inhuman qualities surface, followed by destruction and deterioration of civilizations and cultures. These warnings are the qualities of the Fehu reversed. Materialism, need for control, and possessiveness destroy the soul of a man. 


Fehu reversed can indicate a problem with one’s belief system about money too, and points to living from a place of perceived lack, possibly shame and guilt around self worth.  It can indicate an inability to receive on all levels, and deep disbelief in one’s own worth. The scarcity mindset often leads to overspending or overcompensating in order to fill up the authenticity gap and quench the thirst for recognition and likeability. One has to accept the wellsprings of one’s own being to fully embrace the abundance of this lifetime as represented and promised by Fehu.

The pentacles / discs Court Cards serve as our guides on the path of mastery on a physical plane. 

The Page/ Princess is birthing a new life, new project, new garden, she is opening up to new ideas, possibilities and she is full of creativity, joy, and pleasurable anticipation. She is the most patient from all the Princesses. She trusts the timing, and herself.

Prince / Knight is a heavenly messenger that brings hope, protection and freshly baked rolls. He’s pragmatic, farsighted, and just. His wealth belongs to his family, land, tribe, whatever he deems worth of sacrifice, hard work and prolonged vision. 

The Queen is the witness of her own journey, she’s come far, she holds no emotional attachments to the past wounds and hurts, only forgiveness and peace. She knows herself because she is battle tested! She is strong, and I mean she is physically strong, probably at the gym five times a week. She is watching her diet, so she can be at her best performance mentally and physically. She is a wise advisor to her King, she is a wise advisor to her kids, co-workers, friends, tribe, she is valued for her wisdom.

The king has it all, a true empire leys at his feet, but what makes him the most happy are the simplest pleasures of life and the deepest connection to people and life. He makes decisions that benefit the most amount of people. He’s not into pleasing but governing, leading and inspiring. He knows all about sacrifices, scary risks, near failures and fatal errors. He knows how fast things can come and go. He therefore is thinking about the future in terms of long term investments, and the legacy that will be his to leave to his loved ones.

Fehu As a Remedy

 Fehu can be a great remedy for anyone struggling financially, anyone having a hard time starting and finishing projects and anyone living in a low self esteem mindset. Fehu can help us resurrect abandoned projects and dreams, bringing balance and good luck in spheres of giving and receiving, self-worth, asking for help (and being open to receive it),  it can restore our faith in being and having enough. 

As the rune of elemental fire, Fehu is always a potential source of destruction and rebirth, inseparable energies that must play together for creation of something new. The fire is our creative force, our driving engine and our immense passion. Without it we wouldn’t have enough courage, energy, curiosity, and enjoyment to do the crazy things we do. The fires of Fehu are expressed through our libido, the sexual energy, kundalini, and is sublimated and channeled to provide the force behind impulses and creative actions.

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