Intuitive Art & Life

Would you like to join me for an adventure in the realms of Intuitive Painting, Creativity, Mandala Work, Doll Making and much more? I would love to invite you to my classes, workshops, and retreats online and in-person in beautiful Hendersonville NC.

I am a certified Vedic Art teacher and self-taught Motanki Ancestral Dolls maker. I work with Mandalas in the spirit of Jungian psychoanalysis and I constantly dabble in different art techniques, from dream catchers to graphic design.


Vedic Art is an intuitive painting program focused on the process of creating instead on the final outcome. It puts you in touch with inner artist and creator, even if you’ve never held a painting brush in your life. It’s a method developed by Swedish artist Curt Calman who got his inspiration from an Indian guru, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi while studying transcendental meditation. Based on ancient Vedic Knowledge that transcends the cultural, religious, and philosophical dogma, Vedic Art is an art-focused process of self-development based on natural laws that exist in the Universe.

The workshop is pretty extensive, as we go through 17 Principles of Art & Life. A Certificate is issued at the end of the Workshop.

The benefits of taking a Vedic Art classes can include:

  • Overcoming inner critic once and for all!
  • Embracing your unique way of expression
  • Learning to listen to your heart and start to live intuitively
  • Paint your dreams and allow them to manifest in your life
  • Liberate yourself from the tricks of ego and blockages of fear
  • Get in touch with your inner child
  • Expand your consciousness
  • Remove creative blockages
  • Make lots of beautiful paintings that you will LOVE!


* Vedic Art is not a therapy but it has proven to have therapeutic effects.
* Your heart in result opens up to show the truth about yourself and your own divine presence.

For more fun facts about Vedic Art and detailed information about upcoming classes and workshops, please visit