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Journey to the Dark Goddess. Introduction.

Ereshkigal, Persephone, Hecate, Kali, or Baba Yaga, are waiting to greet you in the realm of the Underworld. Will you answer their calling?

The Dark Goddesses deal with death and decay, shadow work and the unconscious mind, but they are not to be feared. Even if the image of a wicked witch, crone, dark mother, winter queen and a hag has been imprinted into our minds, this is not a whole story when it comes to the essence of these dark queens. They, above everything else, are the keepers of invaluable wisdom accessible to anyone who is willing to let go of control and be guided. This in return leads to healing and rebirth.

To be connected with our inner light, love, and peace, we might wish to connect with the Dark Goddess first. Why? Because in a journey to the Underworld we travel deeply into corners of our soul, searching for answers to difficulties, gathering strength in a time of crisis, and seeking a change when we have become stuck and unhappy.

Sometimes we make a conscious decision to descend into the realm of the Dark Goddess, but more often we are pulled in by the unforeseen forces. A dramatic event can open the gate to the Underworld and swallow us without our consent. An ending of a relationship or a loss of a job, a sickness or a “news” that shatters our reality can certainly be the trigger. Depression or feeling we’ve been stuck for so long, the impression that there’s no way out and a path to better future no longer lays ahead, might force us to meet the Dark Goddess. And just like that, we are surrounded by total darkness, we struggle to stay alive, gasping for air, hoping that things will be back to normal soon. Even if that “normal” was what pushed us here in the first place.

The best and possibly most beneficial way to meet with the Dark Goddess is by doing it intentionally. When our life falls apart and we are collapsing under stress, illness, emotional crisis, overwork, that’s when seeking her wisdom becomes imperative to out survival. We are forced to begin the search for understanding, change and healing.

Journeying to the Dark Goddess is filled with paradoxes. For an empowering and inspiring experience, it is best to travel towards her willingly; yet we almost never do that. If we want to understand the Dark Goddess and the part she plays in our lives we have to invoke her, invite her in, sit with her.

My personal journey to the Dark Goddess is just and answer to her calling, but my travels to the Underworld started when I was very young and they were not entirely conscious or benevolent.

I’ve entered the Underworld for the first time when I was very young, younger then Persephone perhaps, and I’ve been stuck in between the realms of the living and to get married, to birth my sons, to go back to school. But sooner or later I would be called back in there, as the mysterious, magical and filled with spirits realm was my favorite place to be. I would have escaped back, living behind everything that challenged me on the surface.

I have gained psychic powers and discovered many treasures, like my past lives or connection with crystal, but I was never fully facing the light or the darkness, and I have not mastered my physical reality nor have I learned to be in charge of that elusive dark realm fully. Like Persephone who has become a Queen of the Underwood, at first, I just wanted to hide there. That has lead to all sorts of troubles. Torn apart by the rough demands of the 3D reality and the cushiony world of spirit I was called to finely learn to navigate both. And to do that, I needed to learn how to leave the Underworld, but not until I remember how I have entered it. This is why this Journey is taking place.

Just as I was wondering what to do, as it often happens, a book has come my way – JOURNEY TO THE DARK GODDESS by Jane Meredith. I started to read it skeptically, but soon I realized that this book is my get the hell out of there – map, the way out of my own undoing, the guide to my own understanding. I was thrilled. And a little scary.

Stuck at home with Corona Virus rampaging here and there, I had nothing to lose but immerse myself one more time in the Underworld, but this time consciously and intentionally, not as a way to escape, but to regain my strength, willpower and balance, and to learn how to leave it at will.

To make this journey more meaningful and healing I have incorporated exercises from two other books – Eastern Body Western Mind – Psychology and the Chakra System As a Path to the Self by Anodea Judith, and the Mandala Workbook by Sussane F Fincher.

Eastern Body, Western Mind: Psychology and the Chakra System As a Path to the Self by [Anodea Judith]

Lower Chakras

Struggling with my finances, yearning for success yet being afraid of succeeding and taking responsibility for my wealth and fortune, I knew my lower chakras are seriously off balance. That’s where the Eastern Body Western Mind came to help. What I love about this book amongst so many written about the topic is that instead of presenting us with an esoteric borrowing from Indian culture, it employs the metaphoric language of the chakra system within the context of modern psychology.

The imbalances in the lower chakras are common for many, and as we descend into to Underworld, grounding and connecting to the roots seems a perfect way to reconnect with the primordial aspects of the self, then as we heal, the spiritual realms of the upper chakras will allow us to bring forth the wisdom and balance to our daily lives.

Creating mandalas is a suggested exercise in the process of meeting with the Dark Goddess. I have additionally applied the exercises from the Mandala book as a perfect companion to the Journey – the first stage of our growth represented by the Mandala of 1st stage is a perfect example of that – we create a dark, womb-like Mandalas to get us in touch with our inner darkness – perfect!

As of writing this post, I just finished my preparations to enter the Underworld and before I descend, I really want to share the beginnings of this story, in order to invite you to come along. Of course, reading the book will give you a full picture and I strongly recommend you get your own copy. I’m merely presenting here my own story and some additional ideas and artistic exercises, that might come handy in find healing and strength in your personal journeying. There will be a lot of creating, writing and beautiful rituals that will also follow.

The timing is up to you – you might wish to spend a week or two or twelve on this Journey. I have aligned my descend with the movement of Venus, who is going “retro” and later dark for few weeks in 2020 just to be reborn on June 25th. Watch for synchronicities, symbols and messages, special dreams, songs, or events that might happen during this time.

Finally, please share your experiences, show off your art, mandalas, altars if you wish. The next post will be an invitation for the Journey with all the bells and whistles, rituals, mandalas and more – don’t miss it.

Stay safe

Many blessings and much love.

Yours Pati Parvati

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