Midsummer Salad.

Summer Solstice is a night of magic and wonder, the longest day in the year, the night of love, wish making, and dancing around the fire. The sun stands still and spirits and fairies walk the earth. Herbs have a magnificent potency during this time, so make sure to include lots of them during this abundant time of the year!

Borage is an annual plant native to Spain but can be easily cultivated in the States. The plant has green “hairy” leaves and pretty star-shaped purple flowers. The leaves have a faint smell of cucumber. The leaves can be added to drinks but mostly the flowers are used in salads or candied and used for dessert decorations. If you can’t harvest Borage, substitute with Burnet, spinach leaves, or escarole or endive.

 Borage is often grown in the vegetable or herb garden because it is such a magnet for bees and other pollinators and because it is considered a good growing companion for other plants. However, it is equally beautiful in a cottage-style flower garden where it has room to self-seed.


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