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Hello Friends of Tarot!

This week I want to inspire you to do something great for your body! We are still under the influence of Leo, which is about feeling and looking radiant, but the effort is required to stay that way (or to get there) and with approaching Sun in Virgo – the time to look at the details and prepare for busy months ahead is auspicious!

I don’t know how about you guys, but I have overindulged a little bit in the last few months. Too much cheesecake, and not enough exercise! I know that some folks felt simply overwhelmed, uninspired, and not all that well. Have you been eating poorly, and on-demand whenever the world needed you? Did you spent yourself short and didn’t gain anything in return? This might have resulted in deep depletion on emotional and physical levels.

The time to rejuvenate is coming, baby!

Now is a great time to integrate our mind and heart, and take action to regain our vitality and youthfulness for a long-lasting result! We need an honest assessment: how do we nourish ourselves, and how we spent our time efficiently? Do we regenerate and give ourselves permission to heal or do we just keep pushing without thinking about it? Who is depleting us emotionally (can we even afford those people in our lives) and what poor habits and addictions take away valuable time and energy from our lives?

Staying inspired is very important in the process of healing and regenerating.

I know that boring, and repetitive exercises, diets of carrot and water, or some other dull means of keeping up with the healthy trends can kill our enthusiasm, yet we need to stay consistent in order to make the changes lasting, right? So finding a way to reward yourself for good efforts is important. If you are in a particularly creative flare – create a vision board! There are 100 ways you can approach your healing this week: go get a massage or make yourself fancy vegetarian dinner, go running, sign up for yoga (I do it with my very impersonal trainer on YouTube 🙂 ), search for great holistic cookbooks or make a list of things you need to change in your life in order to feel better. One important clue might be going back to days when you felt awesome and see if you were doing something that made you feel better and stronger! Can you apply it today? Chances are you “loved” being in that state and in that form – and bringing that mindset might be a way start!

Take simple steps – this is not a time to dive into huge changes, but rather feel positive about what you want to accomplish and prepare for the journey. That’s why understanding your boundaries and limitations will help you to utilize your dynamic energy. Listen to your body. Does it need more water? sun? sleep? Respect its voice. Be kind – what you could achieve in the ’20s or ’30s is not going to work the same way in your ’40s or ’50s. We have a lot to gain in terms of long-lasting results, if we do things right, methodically but with a spark of creativity and self-compassion.

The word of warning is this: this week, you will be asked to bring a ceasefire to conflicts and issues around your well-being and your emotional state. Conflict with other people might arise and the sooner the things that need to be said are laid right out the better. Clearing the air will help to get fresh ideas, clear the energy, raise your stamina, and bring some grounding. The struggle might also do with your inner conflict – you want that banana pudding and you want to lose weight, something has to go!

Reading Day by day

MONDAY – 3 CUPS. Ask yourself these questions: What nurtures me? What makes me feel great in my own skin? What fulfills me on an emotional level? What am I grateful for? In what areas of my life do I need more help? How is my body feeling right now? What can I do TODAY to feel better? What sacrifices am I willing to make to nourish my mind, body, and spirit?

TUESDAY – 8 CUPS. Do you remember to regenerate after a long day of work, after a week of running around? How do you regain your energy? Is it in a sustainable way? Do you give more than you receive? Are you addicted? Malnourished? Overweight? Under-slept?  Do not be afraid to answer those questions, because when faced with truth and fears behind them, we can move forward with solutions. So today just examine your patterns and habits, be kind to yourself, and don’t judge yourself. Prepare for healing and growing.

WEDNESDAY – 3 WANDS –  By-by doughnuts, Hello dark chocolate! Today is a good day finding a new direction in alignment with your mind, body, and heart, in regards to health and emotional self-expression. Make it fun and inspiring. Good day to make commends to take your health back. The key to success is integrity, simplicity, and making it interesting. Not a good time for new complicated exotic diets or excessive workouts if you haven’t exercised for a long time – don’t overwhelm yourself! Look for solutions that worked before and ideas that make you excited! Perhaps you wish to try Adele’s diet (that includes dark chocolate and glass of wine, OMG – I love Adele! and BDW I thought she look great with extra few pounds). Or maybe you are set on running a marathon next year and you wonder how to go about it? Well, now is a good time to plan, learn and take a first step!


THURSDAY – PRINCE OF DISKS – Your body is your temple! Today make yourself feel rich, beautiful, and pamper yourself. Get your hair done, take a bath with essential oils, or sign up to a gym! Go swimming or find an inspiring YouTube channel that teaches 10 minutes workouts. You are building your new body and a new world today, how do you want it to look like and how do you want to fit in it? Looking younger, feeling healthier, 3 sizes smaller? What will you do to get there? That chariot isn’t going to pull itself, you must have a bull-like determination and a vision.

FRIDAY – PRINCE OF WANDS – Find your inspiration, passion and ways of self-expression! Do something creative today!  Lose yourself for hours in what makes you inspired!  Create a Vision Board or write in your Journal about your perfect health! Do a creative soul search. See what moves you!

SATURDAY – 9 DISKS – A good day to deal with money, there’s a chance to gain something on a mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial level. Watch for opportunities, say yes to anything that can help you expand your horizons. Find a golden ratio in your busy schedule in order to get better and feel better on all levels.

SUNDAY – 4 SWORDS – The teaching of this week is finding truce between all aspects of our lives: family obligations, financial demands, restrictions of time and our hopes, dreams, and wishes. Today take an inspired action that will help you find healing and that will lead you on a new path of adventure in rejuvenation. Gathering strength for the future is pivotal, do it on your own terms!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s reading.

I would love to do a reading for YOU – if that’s your desire! I’m still working out nuts and bolts of my website, so the easiest way to contact me is by e-mail: patrycja.becker@gmail.com

Much love an many blessings!

Pati Becker

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