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    Midsummer Salad.

    Summer Solstice is a night of magic and wonder, the longest day in the year, the night of love, wish making, and dancing around the fire. The sun stands still and spirits and fairies walk the earth. Herbs have a magnificent potency during this time, so make sure to include lots of them during this abundant time of the year! Borage is an annual plant native to Spain but can be easily cultivated in the States. The plant has green “hairy” leaves and pretty star-shaped purple flowers. The leaves have a faint smell of cucumber. The leaves can be added to drinks but mostly the flowers are used in salads…

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    Chew on This! Gurus, nuts & your guts.

    I’m a reluctant follower of Gurus and Mystics. They often turn out to be totally nuts! That’s why I eat bananas and carrots like my goats do – veraciously! Actually, the goats are more into the banana peals, I’m more into experimental salads. Anyhow, a healthy gut – your second brain – can help discern between a good guru and a cranky, misleading, self-absorbed guru. Discriminating between good teachers and bad ones in the age of information has to be an insider job. Poor food habits can attract parasitic “nonsentient ” beings as well, they might literally plug into your energy system and pump in and out all sorts of…

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    Journey to the Dark Goddess. Preparation for Descend.

    Descending to the Underworld is a personal journey full of surprises and unexpected twists of fate; it can be even shocking and possibly life-changing. Yes, it will be scary too, and sacrifices will be needed. The sacrifice of your time and energy to start with, then maybe you will sacrifice things that no longer serve you. Relationships? Job? Habits? You will be looking at the things you treasure in life the most and reevaluating them entirely. No. Not an easy journey. But everything will be ok in the end. Just like in the Myth. Persephone, Psyche, and Innana’s descend into the Underworld is well “documented” in the mythos. It is…

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    Journey to the Dark Goddess. Introduction.

    Ereshkigal, Persephone, Hecate, Kali, or Baba Yaga, are waiting to greet you in the realm of the Underworld. Will you answer their calling? The Dark Goddesses deal with death and decay, shadow work and the unconscious mind, but they are not to be feared. Even if the image of a wicked witch, crone, dark mother, winter queen and a hag has been imprinted into our minds, this is not a whole story when it comes to the essence of these dark queens. They, above everything else, are the keepers of invaluable wisdom accessible to anyone who is willing to let go of control and be guided. This in return leads…

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    This wasn’t my first Travel, like everybody else I’ve jumped many times before; so I could tell the difference – and this time, everything about this experience was different. Was it me or was there a glitch in the system? Something I’ve eaten? Maybe I deactivated a protocol by mistake or missed important instructions? I didn’t know for sure. All I remember is that “the bliss, awe, and glory” didn’t kick in. I was worried because I just spend all my Credits on this Travel! I’ve heard that some people have a specific genetic indisposition, and are slower to encompass the effects of the Timequilizer. I was hoping this was…

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    On the Crossroads of the Underworld. Breaking free.

    As long as a woman is content to be a femme á homme she has no feminine individuality. She is empty and merely glitters – a welcome vessel for masculine projections. Woman as a personality, however, is a very different thing: here illusion no longer works. So that when the question of personality arises, which is as a rule the painful fact of the second half of life, the childish form of the self disappears too” C.G.Jung When Persephone becomes Kore I have abandoned my identity as Artemis and transformed into Persephone. From a child dreaming of horseback riding, archery and competition, I settled for just dreaming; becoming passive and immersed in the spirit world, neglecting the earthly dimensions of…

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    Seven Archetypal Goddesses.

    The dance of hormones, the cycles of the moon, and major changes in life like childbirth or death might go hand in hand with archetypal self-expression of the inner goddess, according to Jean Shinoda Bolen. In her timeless book Goddess in Every Woman, the author provides phenomenal insight into the feminine psyche and the nature of womanhood, based upon prototypes of 7 powerful goddesses and their role in the society.