Tarot and Oracle

Welcome to my Tarot and Oracle page. I want to share with you my passion for the strange, artful, and magnetic world of Tarot, so grab some coffee or lemonade and let’s get started!

Would I call myself a psychic? Yes, but it is more a learned skill combining trusting and deep intuition. If I bump into you on the street I will not know your birthday and I will not see the Spirit of your Grandma. I’m not that good. But if we sit down to a question, problem, worry, or simply to take a closer look at your life path, I will be glad to lift the veils and pick behind the unknown. We will figure it out together.

Are Tarot Cards dangerous?

Tarot cards to me are a fabulous tale that has no beginning and no end. The art of casting the Tarot is magical, practical, and not very demanding in terms of preparation, ceremonial use, or connecting with the Spirit. Yes, it requires some steps, precautions mostly, and you can make it into a ritual which helps in the long term, but the worry of attracting evil spirit – a concern some might have – was created in past centuries as a propaganda tool by the Roman Church.

After ceremonially drinking Ayahuasca for over a decade, to me Tarot is aa simple and safe process, as it gets. You can use it at home by yourself with maybe a good Tarot book at your side. You might not believe in any spirit helpers and treat the whole thing as a scientific – psychological – Jungian – creative tool, that’s fine. It will work no matter what your beliefs are. The Intention thought is another story and that’s is the first step in reading Tarot.

I’m intentionally bringing up my experience with the Medicine Plants. Yes. Those are two different things entirely, yet have a common denominator: Intention. The intention is a hidden gem in everything we do and the more clear about it we are, the easier is to receive feedback.

The perfect intention is like archery. I did enough of it to know that the moment you let the arrow go you let your intention go with it, you don’t keep it. You let your Intention guide the Arrow. This is very Zen, isn’t it?


No matter if you are a surgeon, or artist, or reiki master – your Intention makes the difference. For example, if you paint with an intent to LOVE an act of painting more than the outcome, you will be guided and inspired and you will know what to do because it will be coming from your heart intuitively. I know it is so, I teach it with Vedic Art.

In reading Tarot – Intention helps to clear the channels. Not only we are opening to receive as clear communication as possible, but we are also informing the Spirit, or our Ego, what is that we are about. The spirit world is always responsive, but not always gets your meaning – the concept of physical pain or not having enough money for example is alien to them – no pun intended. Ego wants you to be always right, so it will try over -intellectualize your cards – and because it always wants you to be 100% correct – it will push you to guess what’s the other person tinking – it will guarantee your failure because we are looking at the things that the other person is NOT THINKING. You can’t possibly guess the meaning of the cards using your left side of the brain only! So you let the ego know you are not afraid of being wrong, you will have fun and enjoy the process no matter what, and you will learn from it and get better. Your intention is to do as good job as possible, no matter if you’re reading for yourself or for others.

Use what you’ve got!

The Intuitive abilities that come pretty helpful when reading are a result of many different skills that a Tarot reader possesses. Your background in healing, astrology, neuroscience, etymology, history, art, bodywork, and so on can be very helpful in the intuitive process. Use what you have. We all have something. Are you good with numbers? Well, the magnetic polarity of Math is Numerlolgy – the occult, unknown, more mysterious aspect of the same coin!

Learn what you can. Enjoy it as much as possible. Don’t take it too seriously, though, OK?

A proficient Tarot reading will come with time.

Tarot might become your daily guide, a tool of self-reflection, a way to access your intuition and strengthen the psychic abilities. Tarot cards allow you to look within and analyze your situation from a different perspective, under different light and connect deeply with Source Energy, so you can solve your problems and find a key to transformation.

“Fear is dangerous, not the tarot… The tarot is a storybook about life, about the greatness of human accomplishment, and also the ugliness we are each capable of.”  Benebell Wen 

Using Tarot cards is to dive into the world of esoteric symbolism, numerology, astrology and wisdom of ancient sages, as the origins of the cards are lost in the annals of history.

Whatever is the reason you wish to pick up your Tarot cards, this will be a journey into psychic and intuition development, meditation, making Higher Self connections, and doing fun exercises to better understand their purpose – all with loving intention for a positive change!

Have fun trying out all kinds of Tarot Card Spreads, learning about different decks, reading my Tarot deck reviews and more!

Thoth Tarot Deck

A friend of mine said that choosing your designated deck of Tarot is like picking your unique wand at Ollivanders on Diagon Ally (If you’re Harry Potter fan). I can’t agree more. When you find the deck that talks to you, you will be set for life. It doesn’t mean you will not flirt with other beautiful and handsome decks, mind you. But for divination and especially if you’re reading for clients, using the trusted cards you know by heart will be a natural choice.

For me, the love from the first site was a deck of Alister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot. I was introduced to it in 2011 in Germany where I was studying with shamans. I fall in love with its beauty and magnificent symbolism. I will never forget the first card I pulled to represent my state of consciousness at that time – the 7 of pentacles.

I knew I’m in trouble. This dreadful card was a painful reminder of my current situation. It exposed me in full as I was broken financially and spiritually, entrapped in the dark web of my own suffering. It was so accurate I bought my own deck and took it home. It’s been my trusted guide ever since.

I didn’t start reading for others until 5 or 6 years after that, and then only for friends and family. After a friend urged me to do it on a “professional” level, I gathered my courage and started to offer my services at a local joint in North Carolina. It was magic! I loved it and so did my clients. 


Oracle Cards have their own alluring quality. They are different from the Tarot, as Oracle cards can be about any topic the deck’s creator desires; therefore, you will find oracle subjects on angels, archangels, romance, fairies, animals, crystals, and so forth.

Oracle cards are easy to read, simple to understand, and can be interpreted intuitively without a prolonged study that the Tarot deck requires. Moreover, they are often gorgeous and I found meditating with Oracle Card is a rewarding way to tap into its potential.

What can you expect from Tarot

In a study investigating the way in which regular users of Tarot cards employ them in a therapeutic context, researchers documented that subjects used tarot card readings during challenging times with many benefits.

They noted that the Tarot was used as a way to gain insight into current situations and possible action plans. The cards offered comfort and confirmation that things were ok and that life was not without order.

Tarot was also used as positive reinforcement for what the co-researchers were seeking in life and cards were drawn both intentionally, such as in positive reinforcement activities, and at random, in instances when novel insights were sought. 

One of the potentially powerful benefits of tarot and self-reflection is that of tapping into subconsciousness – the deep psyche. Within 78 cards there are 13 cards that represent the difficult energies in our lives: failure, pain, and misery, amongst few. They are called the Bardo cards, from Buddism traditions – informing us of our state where we are stuck, literally a place between death and rebirth.

They are by no means bad cards. Quite the contrary, they are very valuable insights into the way our vibrational manifestation works and they can help deeper thoughts surface and clear whatever is clouding your mind and distracting you from your intuition. They pinpoint with deliberate accuracy the aspects of our psyche that has been wounded. With that knowledge, we can bring understanding and healing, usually with the guidance of surrounding cards.

Tarot cards are neutral–philosophically, therapeutically and spiritually and easily adaptable to work within any therapeutic framework.  

The symbols and themes depicted in tarot cards represent universal human experiences, which include thought processes, personality types, cognitive styles both maladaptive and healthy and more. Contrary to popular belief that tarot cards are representative of a particular spiritual or psychological school of thought, they are in fact, inherently neutral.

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The Intuitive Card reading becomes in this sense a way to one’s own unique interpretation, free of dogma, religious connotations, or spiritual views and beliefs. Upon studying the cards, one might easily discover new meanings and symbols previously unnoticed. Even more interestingly, the meaning of a card might change with time as we progress, evolve, and move on to the next stage f life.

Please stay tuned to all great resources on Tarot and Oracle cards, so you can develop your inert Intuitive abilities and dive deep into the magnificent world of therapeutic Tarot.

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Namaste, much love, many blessings!

Pati Becker