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TAROT READING 8/10/20-8 – 8/16/20. A week of learning and letting go.

This might be quite an eventful week folks! The energy is high! Five Major Arcana cards and two Court cards announce events taking place on a collective level rather than in the personal sphere. Yet, it is up to us how we are going to show up and react to everything that might transpire this week! Look for new opportunities, don’t be afraid of challenges, and stay close to your truth. We have a chance to leave behind old structures and overcome some life long obstacles, as long as we are willing to do the work, trust the Spirit, and stay tuned to our own vision. The next seven days are all about uncovering the hidden truth, experiencing breakthroughs, and cleaning crap from our lives. We might be dealing with collective phobias, hidden truths, deceit, but also amazing discoveries! I’m talking armadas full of sunken gold and newspapers full of breaking news!

Good time for treasure hunters, therapists (important breakthroughs), astrologers, teachers and people who have not been allowed to speak (or even realize) their own truth until now! We can finely take the next step to bring some projects forward, to show our true colors and be done with the fear of what other people might say or think about us.

So let’s take a closer look at each card.

First of all, we are still strongly influenced by the High Priestess; did you have some crazy dreams last week, or what?  In the last reading she was present in a position of guiding energies, and this week she is at the Heart of the reading! She says it is pivotal to trust your instincts, rely on your intuition and gut feeling. If something feels right, or terribly wrong, you can stay assured you’re right on the money, even if you don’t have the “proof”. Saturday marked in astrology a crossing of Lion’s Gate, marking a moment of rebirth as we step through this Solar Portal. We are therefore going to the other side, whatever that means to you. Just look at these Death and the Moon cards – OMG! it’s all about crossing the boundaries and leaving old crap behind! It’s death and rebirth type of energy. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

The Hangman got stuck in some process, marking the time of inertia and inability to move forward, sometimes even physical constriction. The card is in the placement of our Past, meaning we are leaving behind the things that were holding us back. The restrictions are going away. This was possibly a period in our lives where our minds had a chance to expand because there was nothing else left to do, resulting in new ideas, possibilities, and perspectives.

All that pondering, processing, planning, and wish-making have to meet now with passionate thinking! An inspired and precise plan of action can marry success with the achievement of your desires. Knight of Swords comes in the position of our near future.  We have been holding back our ideas and plans, and now it’s time to apply focused determined and intentional thinking. We probably won’t see immediate results until mid-September / October, but now is a good time to birth this baby!

Pregnant Princess of Discs is about to give life to something new, unique, and beautiful. A concept becomes reality, a project sees a critical stage of development, we start a business we’ve been thinking off, we take a leap of faith and jump of the proverbial cliff knowing the wings will grow on the way down. All with great respect for life and passion for being alive!

The energy that supports us in the process of birthing our new reality is Hierophant that represents the universal principle of learning and teaching as experienced within our family and when life is challenging, that requires us to trust our faith. Hierophant reminds us that we already know how to walk the mythical path with practical feet. In the context of Hierophant surrounded by the Princess of Disks symbolizing new life and a Death card, we can see him as an initiator, testing us and challenging us so we can learn something new and grow out of our old ways. Just like 3 little swallows on the Knight of swords so does the Hierophant’s staff reminds us that any commitment requires the alignment of our mind, heart, and action.

The Death Card – often unwelcomed omen in any reading, rarely indicates physical death, rather an abrupt ending, a call to cast away anything that is “killing us”, anything that must dye so we can have a fresh new start. The endings are unavoidable, swift, and the cuts are deep and precise. In order to learn something new and develop trust in our skills and ideas, we must let go of old garbage. Change is on its way, but we feel on a subconscious level some fear of letting go. Times are uncertain enough, and we wish for things to go back to “normal”. The Death and Moon say there’s no way back to the old ways. We are crossing over to the new epoch, new energy system, where what’s nurturing us will not be the same as it used to be. We don’t know what that new reality is going to be like, we are still in the process of walking through this passage in time. But we can surely imagine it, so dream big!

The Moon is another highly symbolic card in this spread. It represents initiation, dark forces working behind the scenes, a passage, a lesson that must be learned, a rapid understanding of our position in life, and so much more. Since it’s in the position of a possible outcome, I suggest we are in the process of entering into an entirely new reality, on a personal and global level. Our stories are ending, new truths are born, we are now realizing there’s no going back, we are changing forever, and we have an option to embrace it. The moon cards is a beautiful invitation to learn about new possibilities, to take a voyage into the center of self, to become wholly.

Tarot day by day

Monday – Not an action day. Contemplation and making plans for the future is a good use of today’s energies. Where are you in life and what are your current spiritual aspirations? List your achievements up to date, recognize your hard work, talents, efforts, or wisdom. Good day to see yourself in a positive light.

Tuesday – Another day that’s better for inner work than taking over the world. Silence and tunning inwardly, catching up on the spiritual messages you haven’t had the chance to address amongst the busyness of our lives is recommended. Pay attention to symbols, dreams, and be open to the hidden treasures you haven’t noticed previously.

Wednesday –  Good day to be inspired. Solutions to problems might come in a moment of clarity and new vision or ingenious idea might appear seemingly out of nowhere. Ask your question and let it go. The answer will show up in unexpected form, so don’t overthink it!

Thursday – Bring to life something new! Birthing new ideas, new concepts, and new hobbies are all great! Whatever you have been thinking and contemplating about – today is the day to let the world see it and recognize it. Share it with others, make it official, give it a name, announce its arrival! Also, a good day to connect with nature, especially trees. Walk barefoot and ground yourself, ask for inspiration, and see what you carry in your heart.

Friday – Good day to catch up with an old trusted friend, attend a seminar, connect with a teacher, therapist or spiritual guide. Good day to learn something, as the messages will be highly inspiring and motivational.

Saturday –  This day is calling us to reevaluate the general patterns of our existence. Clear out old mental and personal junk – obsolete thought patterns, bad habits, and your closet too. Throw away things that lost value or meaning, make a place for something new and exciting. As you remove the old things from your life, consciously open to receive something in its place.

Sunday – pay attention to illusions and deceit. This is a high energy day filled with fake news and confusion. Trusting your intuition and listening to that inner voice of higher wisdom will keep you balanced and grounded. Pay attention to your surroundings, be careful, and trust the instincts.

Positive Meaning in a Glimpse

  • Huge change for better if we choose to accept and align with it
  • Intuitive guidance
  • Great refreshing ideas
  • Beginning of something new
  • Birthing new creative projects
  • Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel

Negative Meaning in a glimpse

  • Fear of letting go of the old ways
  • Luck of trust in divine guidance
  • Hidden adversaries
  • Being stuck in one way of thinking


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