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Fall in love with something or someone!

Are you seeking love or a new career path? Are you trying to harmonize work with home life? A chance to finally balance our professional and personal life is skyrocketing-ly high! Holly molly, that Chariot wants us to go for a ride of a lifetime! Even if you do nothing, I have a feeling something will surprise you this week for sure! So take advantage of these great energies before Mars goes retrograde next week and DO SOMETHING GOOD FOR YOUR SPIRIT!

Here are some helpful questions for this week:

  • Where are you going and where have you come from? What have you seen, oh cosmic traveler? Can you take a minute to stop and reflect?
  • Are you ready to step into the next adventure? Are you ready to finely turn your life into one?
  • What do you love to work on and with whom do you love to work?
  • Have you been fulfilled in your journey? Or have you been doing what is expected from you without asking any questions?
  • What successes, small or large, made you feel blissful? Are you allowing in the compliments, the positive feedback? Do you cherish your victories? Or are you denying your self-worth, and don’t let your heart receive the praises? Did you know you are the treasure you’ve been waiting for?
  • What kind of work fulfills you? The sky is not the limit! Only your believes in what’s right and wrong, possible and not! What kind of JOB would make you fall in love with life? Can you add spontaneity or novelty to the work you are already doing?
  • How have you overcome your traumas and loneliness? What made you stronger? Who gave you needed support? How can you return the gifts you received back to the world?
  • Is there a balance between your work and your family? Do you find yourself stuck between personal and professional ambitions? Are you constantly asking what’s next and find yourself in the land of indecision, hoping someone will take your hand and lead you to the right place? Can you trust your instincts? Take a leap of faith, and even if you’re afraid – do it anyway.
  • Have you acknowledged the treasures of your life’s experiences? Have you reflected on the emotional maturity and wisdom you gathered during your life’s work? Can you see how rich you are in terms of everything you’ve seen, tried, modified, turned around, overcome, and understood? Do you have the skills and talents you take for granted? Shake out our feathers, it’s time to fly!

Oh, Cosmic Charioteer! You are about to enter uncharted territories, are you ready?


MONDAY – 6 DISKS – Count your successes, small and large. Cherish your victories, the obvious ones and the very tiny personal, and then ask yourself: what’s next?  Can you find a way to make your many commitments work for you? Can you tune up your personal and professional needs so it all works in balance and harmony?  Be willing to take a risk, make a pledge, and trust the results in the name of success. Trust your intuition and guidance, use clear communication, and throw your energy into the new task.

TUESDAY – ACE OF CUPS – A day to fall in love. Be very kind to yourself and show off your compassion and love for yourself and others. A small gesture, a simple smile, maybe dinner by the candlelight or a kind gift will go far today. Nurture yourself, sleep in, or read a book, take a salts bath to purify any negative emotions, or buy some flowers for your home to uplift the energy. It’s a day to appreciate the beauty all around you as well as within.

WEDNESDAY –  3 OF DISKS – Busy day ahead with pretty high energy. You will be goal-oriented and determined to put things to work. Starting and finishing projects will bring success. You are also asked to work on your emotions; a good day to talk to someone about your emotional needs and don’t let the emotions fly high, especially at work!

THURSDAY – PRINCESS OF CUPS – take a risk to love again. Potential to tap and nurture the beginning of feelings. Letting go of old wounds and opening to a new level of love, creating space for new beginnings, both in a professional as well as in a personal sphere.

FRIDAY – AEON – A renewal of love. The Great Work of the Earth Plane, grounding and balancing of the personality can be completed. Uniting the personal and professional life missions. New pathways might present themselves, new possibilities, new ideas, new emotions. Choosing something or someone brings success.

SATURDAY – QUEEN OF DISKS – It’s been a busy week and you still have any more commitments! You might feel tired and in need to rest but you feel your friends and family needs you. Use your arsenal of tricks to accomplish all – take the band for a walk into nature or check out local art gallery, and then go for ice-cream. Talking will be fun, going out will be pleasurable. Even a blind date might turn to be the beginning of something new. You might also want to do something fun with your mom, or if you are a mom, do something fun with your kids. Energies support that.

SUNDAY – THE CHARIOT – stillness and activity – as this week was filled with lot’s of work and movement, you might feel inspired to keep going throwing yourself further into the new beginnings, or you might feel like you need to sort things out and stay still and motionless to let the batteries recharge. You are also asked to set something new in motion for the next week, month, or even year, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, or physically. It is necessary to incorporate in an equal proportion the qualities of quietude and activity. You are contemplating and taking actions at the same time. Good fortune will come from it.


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Many blessings and much Love


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