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TAROT READING 8/3/20 – 8/9/20


At the core of this week’s reading is a manifestation of true abundance (10 of Disks), bridging our deepest desires with a true fulfillment! The astrological symbol of the 10 of Disks is Mercury in Virgo, so if we use our skills of communication (Mercury) and organization (Virgo), we will be able to manifest wealth in a sustainable way. We are not talking only about material wealth, but also the resources we have within us that allows us to manifest the fruits of our labors.

1. Prince of Cups. 2. Ten of Disks. 3.Three of Cups. 4.HIGH PRIESTESS. 5.Prince of Swords. 6.Queen of Swords. 7 ADJUSTMENT/ JUDGEMENT.

The 3 of Cups and the Prince of Cups urge us to come to terms with what makes us feel rich on an emotional level. The Lord of Abundance indicates here a wellspring of material fertility, that comes from an appreciation of all the small things in life as well as the big ones, especially the love and support of our family and friends, and our ability to express ourselves lovingly! When we live in gratitude and joyful fulfillment, we become open to receiving meaningful support from the Universe in whatever form is most needed: money, healing, inspiration, order, friendships, or partnership.

What is that you really wish to manifest in your life?

I think you perhaps have an idea! The Prince of Cups represents our deepest desires, hopes and wishes, and since the placement of the card is the position of past, we probably already know on a deep emotional level what is that we wish to invest our energy into. This is something that makes us feel absolutely passionate and fervent! It’s a song of our harts, a yearning pulsating within the depths of our being, energy of life and the passion of love. When you think of it, you become ecstatic with excitement no matter if your dreams have to do with emotional, physical or material fulfillment.

This week you can make better contact with this energy, and communicate your desires clearly, no matter how impossible they seem! The High Priestess offers us guidance. She is the power of instincts, and almost always is depicted with a crescent moon – a symbol of intuition and psychic abilities. And since the effects of the full moon in Aquarius on Monday will be strongly felt, making a ritual or creating a vision board might be a very powerful tool to help us realize our deep wishes. High Priestess reminds us that to fulfill our dreams we need to find a balance between strength and gentleness, the ground the aspects of ourselves that make us both powerful and delicate. This week pay attention to your dreams, the inner guidance, the synchronicities and the help from the spirit world.

Cutting away psychic cords, obsolete mental patterns and outdated believes might also bring clarity on a whole new level. The Prince of Swords and following Queen of Swords leave us with no illusion – we must cut through the bullshit if we are to manifest that which we desire. If we send the Universe contradictory messages, it will not work: I want a million dollars, but money is the source of all evil; I wish to fall in love, but I’m so unattractive; I want my own business, but I never succeed at anything. You know that voice, right?

In the last week’s reading we were opening up to amazing creative energy and we were initiating some new ideas and projects. If by any chance your enthusiasm has been dimed, this week is a great time to take a closer look at who or what is draining your mental and psychic powers. Just don’t ponder for too long, rather let go of whatever is not serving your higher purpose. The Queen of Swords is a great support in this endeavor. If you are battling self esteem issues, or negative influence by others, she is here to say – be brave, take off your masks and trust yourself. She is objective, free from role-playing, honest and authentic – she expects nothing less of you.

Communication plays an important role this week – speak out your truth, write down your ideas, make a business plan, paint your hopes, send a love letter, talk to someone you haven’t communicated with for a long time (especially close friend or family member). Clearing this psychic residue and clarifying your own thoughts will be highly beneficial!

The Justice (or Adjustment) card says if we act with the highest good and best intentions and honestly communicate our wishes and desires, a higher-order will emerge. She wishes to simplify complex ideas and clarify anything that is not easily explained. She reminds us that we shape our future with our thoughts. To live abundantly and joyfully, we must decide that we are already there, count our blessings daily, and stop blaming other people and events when something goes wrong. We need to take control of our lives and have a closer look at habitual or routine behavior and decide whether it is appropriate to the current state of mind. If it’s outdated and lost its value then we must change. The Universe will reflect back upon us exactly what we expect – so expect joy and happiness!


  • Ability to clearly communicate our hopes and desires
  • Psychic abilities, guiding dreams, synchronicities
  • Realization of our dreams
  • Creative breakthroughs
  • Letting go of old patterns
  • End of legal troubles
  • Financial support
  • Clearing Karma
  • Writing


  • Not being able to communicate clearly
  • Fantasizing instead of creating reality
  • Hiding behind masks and roles
  • Wishful thinking
  • Loss of contact with reality
  • Inability to apricate the blessings
  • Fear about losing everything


  • Rebecca

    I thought I should tell you that your reading was spot on for abundance.
    Got 10,000 unexpectedly. Should come in handy for hospital bills!

    • pati.becker

      Thank you! OMGosh, how cool is this! Thank you for posting here! You are the Best. And I”m slow in catching up to my website’s messages. XOXO

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