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Tarot reading for 7/23/20 – 8/02/20

The week to create a new reality and let go of past karma is here!

We are set for great things, although there is a warning since the number of powerful energies coming our way might overwhelm us! At the core of this week’s journey is 3 of Wands representing a need to align with our inner truth, and to let go of any negative judgments about our past behaviors and desires. Sometimes when we set up too high standards for ourselves and we fall short to live up to them, we want to retreat feeling guilty and ashamed. This week we might be tempted to abandon our goals and dreams because we feel we are not good, worthy, or virtuous enough. Whatever your beliefs are – the Aces that surround the 3 of Wands say: You have come a long way, and wonderful opportunities are awaiting! So throw the negative self – talk into the cosmic garbage dumpster, and aligning yourself with your divine potential. It’s time to let go of old karma!

Ace of Cups and an Ace of Swords are supporting you in a powerful energetic configuration! They both represent new beginnings and promise a great energetic bust. As long as we stay clear about our goals and things we want to create in our lives, we shall achieve a new level of self-confidence and self-reliance.

The Ace of Cups is first and foremost a card of immense love. It represents new beggings in a relationship, falling in love, openness for higher emotions, and a burst of energy for something we love doing, especially if this is a creative pursuit. There is no better time to lovingly trust our skills, talents, and virtues because we already set in motion something that has a chance to become our paradigm shift. The Ace of Sword is heralding an opportunity to see things from a new perspective and will reward us with amazing ideas and a clear vision for the future. If the love of creating goes hand in hand with wisdom of objectivity, you will be bound for success (6 of Pentacles).

With this new self – confidence promised by the 3 of wands, we have a chance to release a new stream of energy in order to successfully implement new projects and ideas. The 6 of pentacles represent abundance in such spheres of life as relationship, work, finances and our spiritual life.

The guidance comes in the form of the Aeon Card (Judgment in other decks). Sometimes this card indicates that we are missing the chance to grow and expand because we are wandering in our minds about what is right and what is wrong, without taking a step forward. Often Aeon reminds us that looking at our situation from a perspective of a curious child and wise elder is the best way to access our wisdom. Great opportunities that are possible this week need to come from stepping into this energy of inner balance and aligned action. There’s a desire to wait while everything falls into the right place, perhaps we are just tired, and we need a break. Or we feel we don’t deserve the great opportunities that are finely in our reach. This is because the card that represents our inner hopes and fears – the 4 of Swords wants us to slow down a little and retrospect. And that’s perfectly fine, as long as we let go of old judgments about what’s possible and let go of what other people might think about us, and then make a plan of action.

In order to access the full potential of the Aces and achieve success, we need to visualize our bright new future.  The time of truce represented by 4 of Swords is not a time of peace but a temporary relief before the next battle. And what are we fighting for? For the long term balance of our mind body and spirit. For bringing joy and abundance to our lives. This is time to regroup, take a deep breath, and look at everything that has been blocking us so far, especially in terms of our own beliefs. Ace of Swords expects us to cut to the central core of any situation, so taking a moment to determine where we have been sabotaging ourselves, and lovingly let it go is what seems like the best course of action.

Lastly, we have The Devil card in a placement of possible outcome which suggests two things: One, If we ground ourselves and enjoy our work, success will be within our reach. Devil wants to create new things. He is horny, sexy, ready to play and birth new things! He is the force of nature and does not care about things like being holly, proper, nice, and well-groomed. He wants to be unapologetically himself, natural, somewhat wild and fully present in the moment. The Devil is telling us we need to let go of our need to fit in, be liked, and approved by EVERYONE. We must instead express our true Self and create the life of our dreams according to our own unique life plan. We must be true to ourselves and our real human nature. He reminds us that as long as we truly enjoy the creative process, and have fun doing what we love, we will fulfill our highest potential, and access our spiritual abilities.

The other side of the Devil is a problem of overindulgence. So if you waste your time in self-pity, worrying about what others might think, feeling like a victim and playing a role given by society, you might just miss an amazing opportunity. He warns us this week about overindulging in sex, alcohol, drugs, overspending, procrastinating, overthinking ect. Anything that can cause us to feel regret, shame, and disappointment later, will deplete our energy and distort out clear thinking. Rather we should trust our instincts and our own nature.

This is a week to trust in higher guidance, have fun exploring your own potential, doing what you love doing, retrospect and say goodby to any negative judgments, and let go of whatever is no longer serving you in your growth and manifestation.


  • chance to find your life purpose,
  • a flood of creative ideas
  • freedom from negative judgments
  • higher guidance
  • new beginnings
  • a success


  • procrastination
  • unwillingness to let go of the past
  • clinging to negative beliefs
  • overindulgence
  • missing on opportunities
  • being fearful of opinions of others
  • denying your own nature

I hope you enjoyed this reading. I’m excited for sure! Please leave me feedback – I always wonder how others resonated with the messages from the Cards. And if you wish to receive a personal reading, please write to me:


Much love and many blessings

Pati Hartfire Becker

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