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Apply your skills and knowledge to create abundance in a totally new way. TAROT READING 8/24 – 8/30

The cards just didn’t want to stop talking this morning! By 3:45 pm Monday, many hours past my regular posting time, I could barely stop making notes about the spread. This reading is in a sense encompassing the time of the Sun moving through the Sign of Virgo so from August 23rd to September 21, so there is a lot to cover.

This week (and month) something might shake our boundaries, jeopardizing our physical and personal sense of security. Unexpected news about our financial situation, monetary systems, and wealth can shock us. Let’s use the great energy surrounding the TOWER card, shall we? The stuff around it looks pretty good! We will definitely hear the drums beating so let us dance to their rhythm and vibrate a new quality of life. Ready?

First is First.

We are now in a Virgo season, Sun just left dazzling Leo and it’s slowly rolling toward Libra. So from sunny Lionesque energy and lazy Leo comfort zones, we are at the beginning of a harvest season: busier, more intensive, more colorful. This is a time marked by crop picking, herb hunting, canning, and gathering resources, fixing around the house, upkeeping the garden while the sun is still high and warm. City people go to the woods to care for the trees. We get busy with projects and we pay attention to previously ignored details.

This reading is about 2 things:

  1. HARVESTING – fresh vegetables and fruits from our garden or local farmer’s market are abundant, and the time is great to cane, preserve, and joy it fresh. Harvesting in this context relates also to our wisdom and having an enlightened idea based on a skill or knowledge we possess or a deep realization about our blessings and true meaning wealth.
  2. PLANTING A NEW SEED. The 8 of Disks is represented by Sun in Virgo. We will feel the energies of this spread for the next month for sure! In Babylonian astrology, Virgo was called ‘the Furrow’, a narrow trench made by a plow for planting seeds. So the lady of Harvest and calls us to plant something now. What would it be?



Here are a few pointers to navigate this unprecedented waters:

Look closer at your financial situation, count your money – discernment and emotional honesty are required if we are to step with confidence on the scales of Libra. Libra is showing what is balanced and what is out of wack. And if our checkbook or habits are inconsistent with your boundaries and previously learned lessons, and are out of balance. This is not an alarm bell yet, but a call for awakening to your true financial situation, you might even have more than you expected. Don’t be afraid of data. Virgo likes to count – she will help you, just make a date – when and where? Meet a Goddess of Wealth, meat your Money Spirit Helper, go to a space of creativity, using both right and left hemisphere will help you to resolve problems easier and faster.

Ask the questions, write the answers.

Do I live a creative and wealthy life? Do I feel guilty feeling Wealthy in these times? How do I fell about wealth? And what’s in it for me?

Do your books in some nice settings or a coffee shop (if you find one where you are comfortable since there is a lot of distancing still going on). Count your dresses, shoes, or like in my case – decks of Tarot. Do you have to much? or not enough? What can you say goodby to, what are you ready to receive?

Practical questions might include:

Have I balanced the checkbook latently?  Do I know where my money is going? Have I paid attention to my expenses? What skills can I monetize on right now?

The ways we were brought up, how money was perceived, and how the generations before us felt about wealth, heavily influences our own view about worth, including self-worth. That’s why we must come to friendly terms with money and realize that we can create a reality where having a job is a fabulous experience and having money carries no karmic weight whatsoever. There is still a little work to be done thought…

We are supposed to look at our own power and strength this week and month and acknowledge how much we have overcome and what great lives lessons we now possess – and then move forward with some nit idea. Can’t tell you if it will make you tons of money but for sure it will make you joyful, and that’s a wealthy well to recharge from. Wherever there are: lack or something broken, now is the time to repair it. I wish I could say fill it up, but we don’t have any cups to do it with, in this spread. That means it’s not about our emotions. Rather it’s about our knowledge, skills, ability not to succumb to our fears but stay put observing and knowing what you know.


MONDAY – 9 of WANDS. This is a day of tapping into your natural strength. Today you might get a clear idea about that which brings you the authentic strength.  Clear perception and intuition about your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical strength might reveal a truth about where you have been hiding your authentic strength. Call upon this strength to manifest your visions, insights, and perceptions important to you. This week you will have enough strength to face the obstacles and sudden changes, that will be eventually guiding your DISCOVERY; count the skills that you have – if you would want to use only one Skill, which one would it be?

TUESDAY – QUEEN OF WANDS – we continue to tap into our strengths – especially in the aspects of self-knowledge and self-discovery. There is a splendor in awakening to the deepest essence of who we are. This is a day to reflect on how we have grown and how much we have already overcome. Trust your internal and external experiences that reveal the self-knowledge and self-understanding.

WEDNESDAY – THE TOWER –  The Tower represents the principles of healing, renovation and restoration after old and useless concepts fall away and whatever needs rejuvenation burns first onto ashes. This is a concept of rapid ending with something that can no longer be part of our lives. This card gives us a signal that now is a good time for clearing whatever is false, and awakening to whatever needs to be dismantled. It is a day of sober assessment of old mental, emotional, intuitive and physical ways of expressing yourself.

THURSDAY – 10 of COINS –  a beautiful card of awakening to our true wealth. We are asked to declare where our true potential for loving self-expression and expansion lays. By utilizing communication, healing, and inspirational gifts, we can manifest wealth in a tangible way. Good day to look at organizing things in life, and assessing how we perceive money, what is our emotional attachment to it, and where unconditional patterns might be prevailing.

 FRIDAY – ACE OF SWORDS – A might force amongst the cards (like all Ases), clear stream, and straight potential. This one brings expansion, high energy to receive insights and great ideas, visionary abilities, and a clear understanding of concepts. Great day for writing, brainstorming, editing details, research, and decision making, but mostly for receiving guidance from above, our ideas have a chance to be crowned that day!

SATURDAY – 8 OF DISKS – The sun in Virgo on this card is synchronistic. We just entered into the sign of Virgo – and for the next 4 weeks we will be able to apply focused energy to our daily tasks and our organizational skills have a chance to get polished and applied in a creative way. The harvest tree that is depicted on this card reminds us that harvest comes no matter what has been planted, but how was it taken care of is the yield we will gather. So on this day look at what you have planted and how have you applied your attention and intention to the projects and ideas, and where more attention is needed.

SUNDAY – HIEROPHANT – Enjoy exploring and learning something new. This should be an interesting day, you might find a passion to learn something very unordinary. Or you might find that you have some skills from the past that you forgot about. Happy discovery day!


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Many blessings and let’s count them!



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