Once upon a time…

…I lived with a limited mindset on a tiny island called Not-Good-Enough. I was not a happy camper! Life challenges were overwhelming, and energy-draining responsibilities seemed to keep me forever apart from my true soul purpose. My mantra was “everything but this“. I clearly knew what I didn’t want, but I couldn’t name that which I wanted, and so I could never form a plan, take a course of action and get unstuck.

My first meditation changed my life. It was a sunny spring day of 2009. I woke up as usual with a head filled with dread and resentment, typical mental trash of my cerebral waste system. But, that day my body refused to cooperate and my nervous system collapsed. I simply could net lift myself off of the bed. What’s worse, my Spirit took my body’s side, but my mind protested, pointing that the kids needed to go to school, and there is work, commute, breakfast, dinner, torture… I could not get up. My spiritual batteries were at 0% and my entire being was inwardly flashing a red alarm of total exhaustion and depletion. 

I panicked, I couldn’t do a thing! Why not meditate? I closed my eyes. I imagined how each part of my body relaxes and becomes a solid rock, the bed felt like a bottom of an ocean, with a soft sand underneath, where I could rest for ever! I could not lift my head, my arm, not even my finger, my body was heavy but relaxed. That was pleasurable, but my mind raced: Are we there yet? Am I doing it right?  How does one know you reached that point of not thinking, doesn’t that require thinking? 

For 20 minutes I experienced a massively irritable inner dialog. I also wouldn’t give up until I reached the mythical place of quiet stillness, although I was suspecting it was just an urban legend. I kept trying, just focusing on my breath, nothing else. And then it happened! 2 minutes of amazing calmness, clarity and total relief. 

I was not healed yet, but the experience of bliss and clarity filled me with a sense of hope and taught me how pivotal it is to give myself the time, space and permission to take care of myself. 

The need to deepen my practices took lead me on the shamanic path and decades of research, practice and patient forgiveness. I had to learn how to love myself, how to heal my wounds, heal my tormented soul, and make space for better experiences. I am now in a season of my life when I wish to share the wisdom of my journey, I am transforming the path of self-healing into a path of self-hailing. No matter if I teach, dolls, tarot, intuitive painting, or even archery, my heart’s desire is to empower the students, teach how to tap into their pool of intuitive knowing, to access a safe space of their inner wisdom, and build a relationship with that wonderful guide – the higher self. Trust is a key ingredient. 

Life Tips:

  • Your heart is your life path compass, if it jumps in excitement – you are really close to something, follow that instinct. 
  • Your mind is an ally that can crown you a genius, but it can also hurt you, and turn into an obstacle – train it and master it, challenge it and throw at it ‘crazy’ goals and new situations.
  • Belly is the seat of your intuition. Give your belly a loving rub and good food and it will be a clear guide and happiness factory.
  • Remember you have a unique energy system, what works for one person, will not work for another. Attune yourself to your own rhythm, cycles, specific needs, and predispositions, and honor your differences frequently!
  • When your dreams do not come true, leave your comfort zone! 
  • Don’t compare yourself to others, just don’t do it, OK?

TODAY YOU HAVE A PERMISSION TO (quickly, pick a number between 1 and 30)

  1. Practice Enlightened Selfishness
  2. Receive Inspired Actions
  3. Paint for fun
  4. Start reading that book
  5. Connect with nature
  6. Go treasure hunting
  7. Cook something delicious
  8. Express radical authenticity
  9. Write a poem
  10. Watch a movie
  11. Be funny and playful
  12. Sleep, take a nap, receive in your dreams
  13. Connect with an old friend
  14. Change your appearance
  15. Connect with the Earth
  16. Walk barefoot
  17. Connect with a spirit animal
  18. Speak out your truth
  19. Star gaze
  20. Color and doodle
  21. Exercise, stretch, do yoga, go for an energy walk
  22. Make plans, create schedules, set goals
  23. Ask for help, guidance and directions
  24. Accept past experiences and move on
  25. Connect with an angel
  26. Go out for a date with yourself, make it unique and special
  27. Make a vision board
  28. Start a journal
  29. Make a list of things you are grateful for
  30. Meditate