About Me

Hi there, I’m Pati.

I am an intuitive guide and I love creating workshops.

Let’s do some co-creating, shall we? Whether you wish to become more intuitive and creative in your life, find your life purpose, or overcome blocks and negative patterns, there’s a workshop for that 🙂

You are the source of your greatest powers and my humble tools are my heart offerings to you on your evolutionary path on the planet Earth at this amazing time. May they serve you well.

I am The Emperor in the Tarot cards. My life’s purpose is to empower, lead and love all humanity.

Today, I am giving you permission to:

quickly! Choose a number from 1 to 40

  1. Paint a secret painting
  2. Make hot cocoa and read a book
  3. Connect with nature
  4. Go treasure hunting
  5. Cook something delicious
  6. Allow yourself a radical authenticity
  7. Self-express unapologetically
  8. Write a poem
  9. Practice enlightened selfishness
  10. Follow inspired action
  11. Watch a movie
  12. Play with children or your inner child
  13. Sleep. Sleeping is good for the body and spirit!
  14. Speak out your truth
  15. Watch the sunset – a magical time of the day
  16. Stretch, dance, do yoga – move your body
  17. Make plans you’ve been thinking about
  18. Ask for help and be open to receiving it
  19. Accept past experiences and move on
  20. Talk to your spirit guide
  21. Connect with an angel
  22. Go out, have fun, just you!
  23. Make a vision board
  24. Call a friend you haven’t talked to in a long time
  25. Hold a crystal and make a connection with its energy and beauty
  26. Bake something delicious
  27. Pause for reflection
  28. Acknowledge your abilities
  29. Learn from those who inspire you
  30. Start a creative journal
  31. Wear something sexy
  32. Make a bucket list of places you wish to visit
  33. Give away those things you no longer need
  34. Admit to your true deep desires
  35. Connect with your power animal
  36. Declutter your___________
  37. Be confident and stand by your decision
  38. Research, think, meditate, and find connections that weren’t apparent.
  39. Untangle your thought and focus on facts
  40. Sign up for a cool workshop

My biggest challenges

  • Getting stuck on details.
  • Avoiding the perfectionism bug.
  • Overspending on books, cards, and crystals.
  • Doing affirmations.
  • Remembering it’s not my job to save the world!
  • Stubbornly trying to save the world.

Life Tips

  • Your heart is your compass, if it jumps in excitement – you are getting close to something!
  • The belly is the seat of your intuition, give it a loving rub and nurturing food, and listen to your gut feeling next time you get those butterflies or confusing feedback from the world.
  • You have a unique energy system, so honor your rhythm, cycles, emotions, talents, and challenges. And don’t compare yourself to others, especially at the beginning of your journey! You are not like anybody else out there!
  • When your dreams do not come true, leave your comfort zone!
  • Shame and guilt are two monsters that like to creep in – say hello, and tell them to f**k off, you’re busy making your life a great adventure and their nagging is no longer allowed.

Drop me a line!

To book a reading or if you have any questions about the workshops, just drop me a line!