I love to do readings for my clients, but I probably love teaching how to read the cards even more.

Tarot has been my faithful companion since 2011. When I needed help in navigating the turbulent rivers of my life, the cards apperad in my life and prooved to be an amazing guiding star and loyal companion. The Oracle cards came soon after. I love them because they are such a beautiful and fun tool for finding clarity and receiving a positive nudge from the Universe. The supportive reassurance found in the cards, their caring messages, warnings, and blessings, are ours to take if we are open to receiving them. My goal is to teach you how to connect with the cards on an intimate and personal level and use the cards as an evolutionary tool.

The classes are held in Hendersonville NC, and online.

The Nordic Runes is a whole different story from the Oracle and Tarot. It is a different mystery school. Runes offer simple yet powerful solutions and can be used as amulets, magical objects, or as a bindrune – a drawing of runes combined into one magical symbol that strengthens the magic. I use the runes as a divinatory system, as well as a magical symbol for protection, well-being, and good luck. My favorite way to express runes is through galdr, a singing of runes that creates healing inner vibrations and can invoke visions and feelings of deep calmness.

Galdr (plural galdrar) is an Old Norse word for spell, incantation or song enchantment. These were usually performed in combination with certain rites, such as before a battle or Glima competition.

Galdring is a tool for achieving spiritual wholeness. Making and singing a galdr is an excellent means to strengthen a person objective and future goals. A personal galdr song can be fortified with words verses from the eddas to create esoteric mantras.


The schedule is coming soon.

Tarot and Oracle Cards Readings

I use your birthday as a numerological background for the reading. Each person possesses a unique set of archetypal energies that represent their Life Path.

These cards include your archetypes depicted by Major Arcana cards and can inform us how you express yourself in the world, what is your conscious and subconscious driving forces, what is your highest potential and what are potential pitfalls to avoid. The elemental energies of Minor Arcanas represent your specific gifts, talents, abilities, and challenges. I will also calculate a card that represents your yearly energies, so we can see what are the particular driving forces in a given year.

At this moment the booking is available through an extremally old-fashioned e-mail system, so if you have inquires, questions and would like to book a reading or order a Path of Life Reading, please contact me at:

An online booking system will be available soon.