Tarot Reading with Remedies.

Tarot is a great way to tap into your potential and healing. Remedies simply mean that besides finding out what is at the heart of your situation and answering your questions, we look at what can be done to remedy the issue, what can be let go of, and integrated, and what kind of healing modality can be added to your post-reading homework. Yes, I give homework, kids. I have developed my own system of working with Tarot, I often use Oracle cards and Runes if clarification and reassurance are required.

The readings are available in person as well as online and in a written PDF form, some readings are prepared ahead of time and require extra information from you, like your birthday for example.

What are the TAROT REMEDIES?

It will be fairly easy to find out what’s at the heart of the matter, and if the reading indicates imbalances, old wounds that seem to take forever to heal, or ancestral patterns that are not serving your well-being, there are many ways to let it all go. We can use tapping techniques to release deep-buried emotions and use Ho’oponopono for forgiveness. I would be happy to do some energy work with you!



I love working with the archetypes in Tarot, as they represent our true if not somewhat complicated nature and indicate what are our gifts and challenges in this lifetime. Your birthday has a numerological symbol in the Tarot cards, and at each birthday you enter a new archetypal year that influences the energies of that year.

Life Path and a Yearly reading can help you to understand what is your guiding archetype, why some patterns repeat in your life, and what are your challenges, gifts, and soul purpose during this lifetime. You will discover hidden teachers, untapped potentials, primal wounds, and obsolete belief systems.


The cycles of the moon offer an excellent opportunity to let go of old unwanted junk and replenish yourself with new nurturing intentions. The New Moon and a Fool Moon are great energetical portals, and reading for that specific time is quite beneficial. We use 7 cards (Egyptian reading) and look at the placement of your moon in the astro chart and cast a reading (a birthday time would be very beneficial for this reading, but it is not required). Let’s see what can be released and what supports the growth this month. I also use Moonology Oracle cards for clarification. This reading is offered in person, online, or as a PDF and comes with affirmations, meditations, and rituals for the specific moon cycle you wish to work with.


Chakra reading is fun and very informative, we use Tarot and Oracle deck for this one – 14 cards altogether. Your spinning wheels of energy might be off balance, overcompensating, or just simply inactive, so we will look at where in your energy system are you blocked, and what the overall energy flow of your chakras looks like. We will ask for remedies, and angelic and ancestral guidance in order to bring the perfect balance to your system.


I like couple readings a lot, especially when done in person – we light up some romantic candles and dive deep into the questions. The type of reading depends on the question and the type of partnership – intimate, professional, friendly, or it could be a question about the love interest.


Leaving our comfort zone and venturing into the dark woods of our subconscious mind is not a one of e heck journey but a necessary one if we are to understand our primordial instincts, survival behaviors, self-sabotaging patterns, and reoccurring negative events. With the gentle guidance of Tarot cards and the Wisdom of the Shadow Oracle deck, we can decipher the limiting beliefs, and difficult-to-acknowledge archetypal behaviors and receive a message of coming to wholeness and wellness.


Runes offer simple yet powerful solutions and can be used as amulets, magical objects, or as a bindrune – a drawing of runes combined into one magical symbol that strengthens the magic. I use the runes as a divinatory system, as well as a magical symbol for protection, well-being, and good luck.

As a historical reconstructor and living archeology practitioner, I try to work with the runes not only from a perspective of my own shamanic journeying with the Norse mysteries but with respect for the way the runes have been used for centuries known and unknown.

Booking is available through e-mail, so if you have inquiries, or questions and would like to book a reading please contact me at: