Tarot is a great way to take a closer and candid look at your heart’s desires. We can determine where you are in life, what lays at the heart of your situation and discuss remedies, solutions and best possible action. Tarot is one of the most playful and easy ways to get in touch with any heavy blocks, self sabotaging patterns, and unresolved issues. Within the 56 gifts of your personality, as colorfully presented in the Tarot, we have an access to the best path of healing and clear information about achieving your heart’s desires.

$45.00 – 30 minute

$80.00 – 60 minutes

Available In person, over the ZOOM, or Phone.


I love working with the archetypes, as they represent our true, somewhat complicated nature and indicate what are our gifts and challenges in this lifetime are. Your birthday has a numerological counterpart in the Tarot cards, and at each birthday you enter a new archetypal year that influences the energies of that year. Life Path and a Yearly reading can help you to understand what is your guiding star, what archetypes you are experiencing in this lifetime, why some patterns repeat, and what are your challenges, gifts, and soul purpose during this lifetime. Let’s talk about your hidden teachers, untapped potentials, primal wounds, and obsolete belief systems.

$185.00 – Available as a Written PDF, Reading In person, ZOOM, or Phone


Where are you in your season of life? Goddesses, Moon cards, Sacred Cycle Oracle and Tarot are used to guide you on your journey of self healing and self-discovery.


Your spinning wheels of energy might be off balance, overcompensating, or just simply inactive, so we will look at where in your energy system are you blocked, and what the overall energy flow of your chakras looks like. We will ask for remedies, and angelic and ancestral guidance in order to bring the perfect balance to your system. Tarot and chakra oracle are used in this reading.

$80.00 – 1 hour; Available In person, ZOOM, or Phone

PDF written version – $120.00


Runes offer simple yet powerful solutions and can be used as amulets, magical objects, or as a bindrune – a drawing of runes combined into one magical symbol that strengthens the magic. I use the runes as a divinatory system, as well as magical sigils for protection, well-being, and good luck.

$45.00 – 30 minutes

$185.00 – Bind rune for your specific situation

Booking is available through e-mail, so if you have inquiries, or questions and would like to book a reading please contact me at: