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If you are like me, you might be such a flirt! A big romantic always curious about the innocent temptations of the world! Don’t get me wrong, I do have one and only whom I cherish above all, but no harm in being sweet to others, is there? I mean, your heart can surely love more than one deck of Tarot Cards! Can it not?

When we first met, he was terribly dark, authentic, and handsome. The Thoth Tarot was the deck the shamans at the retreat I was taking a part in used to my surprise and delight. Pulling cards helped the participants clarify the intentions for the ceremonies, and allowed us to understand our life circumstances, hidden truths, real needs and blessings, so we could seek healing in these areas of our lives that required the greatest tenderness and love. 

The Seven of Discs is a dreadful card to pull especially if you are totally new to this! In the Thoth Tarot system, the card is totally messed up! Depressing and ugly. And so it was my life. I wanted to pull a Princess at least, but the accurate description of my poorly managed life affairs so abruptly revealed to the shamans, participants, the whole world really, and most of all to myself, left me with nothing else to do but to shut up and pay attention!

By the time I left that retreat, I was in love with Tarot and with this ingenious deck. I bought my own Thoth Tarot and began a long journey of building a meaningful relationship with this most intriguing, symbolic, and mystical of decks!

I thought he would be the only one. I was mistaken.


I was not planning on becoming friends with anyone else, but new decks kept coming into my life. Because of my love of beautiful art and subliminal symbology, I fell for Mary-El Tarot. Then it was the Wild Woods Tarot, mystical and shamanic, I had such a crush!  The Oracle decks came along for a wild ride as well. But then there was the one that surprised me with his beauty and poetry and I couldn’t resist!

I fell in love with The Lights’ Sears Tarot the moment I laid my eyes on the Fool card! The girl is falling backward into the abyss, but there’s no one to catch her. Her face expresses full confidence and her relaxed body indicates she totally trusts the fall! Doesn’t she know there’s no backup? No safety belts? No guarantees?

The geometric portal underneath her indicates a greater mystery at hand. But what will happen to her? And where does her complete grace and trust come from? Does she know something we do not? 

Each card in the deck brings a refreshing take on the traditional meaning, adding a modern relatable twist and fantastic elegant symbology. But most of all, it is still very loyal to the original blueprint in terms of intuitive messages, which makes it easier to learn and apply in readings if you already work with the Thoth system or WWS.

I use this deck when I need a change of perspective, it feels faster, lighter, modern, and applicable. It also seems there’s more storytelling in the court cards, which I personally always welcome. Not to mention that this is a visually very beautiful deck and the artwork and the attentiveness to the details are breathtaking. 


But that’s not the main reason why I love Light Seer’s Tarot so much. I have to introduce the second deck here to explain. Sacred Creator Oracle does not have much in common with Light Seer, they are different in terms of art styles and are completely different divinatory concepts, but they DO share the same magical thing which is their creative MOTHER, Chris-Anne. The little brilliant guidebooks that Chris-Anne prepared for the decks, make the author a new national treasure! Or at least a really cool person for coming up with all that wisdom so neatly packed in the esthetic little books.  

A true Renaissance take on Tarot and a totally new take on oracle – for me anyway.

Sacred Creator Oracle was the first deck I bought because of the author, not because I liked the artwork. I am a visual person, I like a picture to tell a thousand words. Sacred Creator Oracle is visually plain and simple, offers little feedback, and is not really meant to be ‘intuitive’ in terms of connecting to the artwork. The true value comes from understanding the message and the concept of the card (and then following the advice and taking action :)) When I realized what’s what, and where the gold is buried, I started to appreciate its art so much more, and I actually realized that i’ve harbored a bias against excellent decks that were not visually ‘up to my standards’. I of course corrected this mistake by purchasing several ‘unpretty’ decks that showed potential and proved to be invaluable additions to my set of tools.


Sacred Creator Oracle is for CREATORS, and it is not a deck for someone trying to connect with angels or learn about future events. This is a practical guide toward self-realization as a creative genius. So if you are NOT a painter, sculptor, or bestselling author, you can’t be here, go home, and tell your mom you are not good at art.

Hash hash, little one, just kidding, we are all Creators, so this really is a deck for you too, you are creating in every moment of your life. Trust me. But what does it really mean to work with Sacred Creator Deck?

It delivers essential meaning, a self-care message, a guiding message, and questions worth reflecting upon, all carefully edited so the most impactful message can be delivered. 

I use it as a daily message, to help me get in touch with the creative essence of the day. I use it for many business-related questions, or when I want to pump up my creativity, boost my self-image, and feel like a victorious glorious unicorn ready to hit the ground running.

The message for the Creator is practical, and whimsical, and is meant to make you feel like your best friend is cheering you up on your journey, reminding you that if you are still doubting your superpowers, you better double-check with yourself, and use the deck ASAP!

The Light Seer’s Tarot is from the visual perspective quite the contrast to the Creator Deck, but it is just as insightful and personalized.  The Light Seer’s Tarot doesn’t shy away from transmitting difficult messages, it’s not avoiding the shadow that’s a part of our personal evolutionary path, but contrary to boring Rider Wait Smith and very “shadowy” Thoth, Light Seer does it in in a way that’s uplifting and reassuring, providing guidance and direction, without fuss.

Just have to love it.


Both decks serve different purposes, but both are worth examining and working with if you connect with them, too. I believe what makes them so accurate, relatable, and synchronistic is the love and great amount of work and attention that went into their creation.

The cardstock and the entire packaging of both decks are of the highest quality, as is so often the case with the HayHouse products.

If you are new to Tarot and Oracle, if you wish to try something new or start a new exciting romance, these two decks have a chance to become your great companions, champions, lovers, and supporters!

May your new love story flourish and provide many blessings and beautiful moments of truth, understanding, and joy.


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